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    Beijing starvision technology development Co. Ltd. is the United States GE China district level agents, 2005 GE authorized sales agent of water treatment products (GE reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, membrane and ultrafiltration membrane element, GE, GE E-Cell EDI nanofiltration membrane module, GE filter, Osmonics Ze to immersed ultrafiltration membrane (MBR)), is the general agent in north area China. At the same time Harbin ROPV Industry Development Center (ROPV) FRP membrane shell North District agents. Our company adhere to the "honest and trustworthy" principle, committed to the development of a water treatment equipment supplier China professional, established extensive and convenient transportation network, to provide quality products and services for the assured water treatment engineering company, let us work together to make a harmonious world of water "".
    2015 was named the best partner GE water treatment award;
    GE water treatment best sales award 2013;
    The 2014 film science and technology publication 100 anniversary;
    GE water treatment channel rapid growth award 2012;
    2012 GE water treatment sales contribution award;
    GE water treatment rapid growth award 2011;
    2010 the first industrial products industry, the water industry's most influential ten brands;
    In 2008 was named China's water industry ten dealers and won trophies.